Date: October 27th, 2019
Location: Delta Casino and Conference Centre Burnaby
Jennie Tait RVT, VTS Dermatology – there are two types of people in Veterinary Medicine…those who love dermatology and those who run from it! Come and join Jennie as she discusses allergies, and tricks of the trade to increase your comfort level in discussing term cases!
Dr. Ian Sandler from Grey Wolf will be discussing Cannabis and the ever changing legislation around it! Harm Reduction Education is the key when talking about cannabis, we know our clients are using it, lets help them keep it safe!
Jolene Watson RVT of Clarity Coaching and Development will be discussing Time Management and building client rapports. Without our clients we would not be here, lets break down the barriers and learn to work together for the health of the pets.
Ivana Novosel RVT, IM Locum – Back by popular demand! This talk on Employment Standards was a huge success in Kamloops at the Spring Conference so we are offering it again! Ivana will be bringing an Employment Lawyer to answer all of your questions! You can ask them in person or submit them anonymously for discussion.