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    Minutes from AHTA of BC AGM April 20, 2013

    Meeting called to order at 10:49 am, April 20, 2013
    1. Introduction of the Board

    Lindsay Ramage                                 President
    Gayle Paquette                                    Vice President
    Christine Watson                                Executive Director
    Kirsten Wilson                                     CVBC Liaison
    Tara Bailey                                            Treasurer
    Bonny Brokenshire                           Secretary
    Donna Lasser                                      CAAHTT Rep
    Tina Douglas                                       CAAHTT Rep


    2. Motion to Accept Fall General Meeting Minutes

    Motion made by Deb McWade
    Seconded by Cathy Hall-Patch


    3. President’s Report

    Continuing Education Evaluation Committee

    A Continuing Education (CE) evaluation committee has been established.
    The rational behind initiating this group was to research and provide feedback about CE requirements so as to be able to substantiate why we would or would not accept a particular CE credit submission. By having all the evaluation documents in place, the information to make consistent and informed executive decisions exists. Also, this great research will assist the Executive Director (ED) in support of a decision if ever the denial of a CE submission is appealed.

    How we have been evaluating the CE up until now is, for the most part, on par with other provinces.

    The Executive went through the document during an April 3, 2013 conference call, some clarification was noted and some suggested revisions were discussed and documented. These alterations will now go back to the CE Evaluation Committee.

    The board appreciates the efforts of the committee that includes the following Registered Technologists:

    Cathy Hall-Patch
    Denise Hitt
    Brandy Hadley


    Strategic Planning Session

    As the AHTA of BC continues to grow toward 600 members the board feels that a strategic planning session would yield ideas and objectives related to how the association can effectively and efficiently deal with the expanding membership. A vision for the future of the association could be realized. Cathy Hall-Patch spoke and supported this idea as she said that growth could be a downfall of an Association if not organized correctly.

    The Board will be holding a strategic planning session sometime this summer. An amount of $3000 has been allotted for this event.


    4. Vice President’s Report


    AHT Evaluation Program – NAIT no longer has their evaluation program. Ontario utilizes the services of an evaluation company. Gayle is researching this option.

    Mentorship Program – Gayle continues to lead the RAHT Mentorship Program and stated that she is open to more technologists contacting her either to become a mentor or to be paired with a mentor.

    Photos – Gayle would like to collect photos of RAHT’s throughout the year so as to put together a power point of the images for the AGM in 2014.


    5. College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC) Liaison Report

    Kirsten read the attached Appendix A that explains the legislation related to Certified Technician designation (this is the term for RAHT that appear in the Provincial Veterinary Act). She also discussed that currently the CVBC is rewriting all of their bylaws so the work on the task list and further “task-list” related discussion is on hold for a while. Kristen stated that she would continue open communication with the CVBC to ensure that the association and our requests are not forgotten.

    A discussion ensued about how long Kirsten thought it would be until further attention was given by the CVBC to the AHTA of BC’s concerns and requests. Kirsten and Christine both thought no longer that 5 years.


    6. CAAHTT Representatives Report

    There has been a switch in the National Technician Magazine this last mail out included the Canadian Vet Tech Magazine instead of our previous, Quebec Association published journal. CAAHTT is looking to do more digital dissemination of information.

    Tina reiterated that during the past few years Ontario had stepped back from the National Association. Ontario has a huge membership. Last year Ontario came back to the table and said that they would like to come back on board with CAAHTT. Hopefully this coming year a finalized copy of an affiliation agreement will materialize so that Ontario will stay with CAAHTT for years to come. Ontario provides more money and expertise for CAAHTT.

    CAAHTT will be updating or redesigning their website. The next meeting is in Victoria in July. CAAHTT shares an Executive Director with the CVMA and this person is now off on Maternity leave. The CVMA needs to hire a replacement. The CVMA has some one who will fill in until the replacement is found.


    7. Treasurers Report

    Statement of Accounts:

    Chequing $23,198.88
    Non Redeemable GIC $13,232.68
    Cashable GIC $20,112.44

    The budget was reviewed at the last Executive Conference Call Meeting and Tara reported that currently we are under budget. A finished budget will be mailed out to the membership in the next newsletter.

    Subsequently, Tara went over the 2013 budget with the AGM attendees.

    Motion to accept the budget as written: Marina Langland
    Seconded: Amy Benny


    8. Executive Director ‘s Report

    RAHT Name Change – Last spring, through a vote it was decided to change our name from AHT to Registered Veterinary Technologists. The process with the government is taking longer than expected. The initial submission was returned, as we needed permission from the CVBC to use the word Veterinary. Getting a letter of approval took quite a long time. Christine required the letter from the CVBC early this month so she will be re-submitting the name change package shortly to the government. Christine is hopeful that we will have a name change by next year.


    New Website and CE Submission Discussion -Christine explained the ins and outs of the new website. Also, she stated that the new policy was for members to now submit CE on line. Members are to keep all hard copies of CE for 4 years so as to be produced if audited. If a member is found to be fabricating CE their membership will be reviewed. If a member cannot submit CE online please contact the ED to make other arrangements. Membership comes due at the end of April. This renewal can now be done on line as well. There will now be a late fee charge of $20 for overdue memberships.


    9. New Business


    Two terms came due this year. Both the Vice President and Secretary positions needed filling. Gayle and Bonny both expressed interest in entering into a second and final term.

    No other nomination came forward from the floor so an election for Vice President ensued. All were in favor. Gayle Paquette was re-elected.

    No other nomination came forward from the floor so an election for Vice President ensued. All were in favor. Bonny Brokenshire was re-elected


    10. In Memoriam Acknowledgment

    The AHTA of BC lost a member this past March. Julia Taylor was a 2001 UCC graduate. She worked at Central Animal Hospital in Vernon until her cancer diagnosis in January 2012. Julia is remembered as an amazing person and a great Technologist. She was extremely dedicated and compassionate about the animals in her care. She was a very gentle person. Central Animal Hospital in Vernon is setting up a fund for animals in need in Julia’s name and the AHTA of BC has made a donation to that fund in honor of Julia. There was a book of remembrance at the spring conference that will be sent to Julia’s family.


    11. ED Salary Discussion

    The ED current salary is $15,000/year (this includes conference work). The CE workload has increased and responsibilities have changed dramatically over the past three years and, as stated by the ED, the salary should reflect the nature of the position. Other not for profits pay EDs substantially more (for example $50,000 per annum). ED currently works 25 hours a week but would like to increase hours to a 0.6 FTE. ED estimates, in view of other salaries, that her position is valued at $35,000 at the 0.6 FTE (or $23-$26/hour). The membership would have to vote on any salary increase.

    The ED stepped away from the AGM and a discussion ensued.
    A motion came from the floor to increase the ED’s salary from $15,000/year to $25, 000/year.
    Motion made by: Andy Hock
    Seconded: Deb McWade

    All were in favor. Motion Carried.


    12. Motion to accept the 2013 budget with the amendment to ED salary

    Motion made by: Marina Langland

    Seconded: Amy Benny

    All were in favor. Motion Carried.

    13. New Business

    No new business

    Motion to Adjourn: Cathy Hall-Patch
    Seconded: Robina Manfield

    Meeting Adjourned at 12:10 pm


    Appendix A

    As there seems to be some concern and misinformation circulating, I wanted to give a history and update on the progress of the CVBC/AHTA of BC Joint Advisory Committee on Certified Technicians (ACCT).

    Back in 2009, the BC Veterinarians Act was opened by the government.  They called for public consultation on what should be included in this new Act.  The AHTA of BC (I’m going to call us the Association in this report) encouraged all members to submit a prepared statement, and pass the statement along to friends and family to submit.  The government heard our voice, and sections concerning ‘Certified Technicians’ were included in the new Act.  (Please note: “Certified Technicians’ is the wording used in the Veterinarians Act.  This title will be defined in the CVBC Bylaws.  For example, the Bylaw may read: A Certified Technician is a graduate of a CVMA-accredited program, eligible for registration with the AHTA of BC)

    Once the public consultation period had ended, the Association was contacted by Government representatives regarding the new Act.  We had the opportunity to have a frank discussion with the Representatives on what we hoped would be included in the Act.  We were encouraged to discover that the Act was modeled on the Alberta AAHT as well as the BC Health Professions Act.  We were also happy to find out that the Act contained checks and balances that allow the Association to be involved in the creation of CVBC Bylaws that will pertain to the regulation of Certified Technicians (CTs).

    After the Act was passed, the Association contacted the CVBC to begin the process of creating Bylaws that pertain to CTs.  An Advisory Committee on Certified Technicians was formed.  The committee has met approximately every two months over the past 18 months.  The Committee has worked through a task list, adapted from the Alberta AAHT, and ‘assigned’ tasks as those which the committee felt should only be performed by a RAHT.  Recently, the Committee reviewed a Discussion Paper that was prepared by the CVBC Policy and Bylaw Counsel.  The Counsel was asking for Committee feedback on the sections of the Veterinarians Act that pertain to CTs.  This feedback will provide a general framework for what may eventually become the CVBC Bylaws on CTs.

    So, what does this all mean?  Why are we doing this?  For years, I have been hearing RAHTs asking why Veterinarians can hire people off the street to work as techs.  Especially AHTs who come from other provinces, such as Alberta and Manitoba, where there are many tasks that can only be performed by a RAHT.  It is because the current CVBC Bylaws, those written under the previous Veterinarians Act, do not regulate AHTs.  The Association is working towards CVBC Bylaws that will include those which regulate tasks that must be performed by CTs only.

    There are still many questions that will need to be answered.  The CVBC is currently working on writing five sets of Bylaws; those on CTs are fifth on the list.  It will take some time before these Bylaws are completed and voted on by both parties (members of the CVBC and members of the AHTA of BC).  I will continue to provide updates as progress warrants.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or Christine Watson (

    I am including the link to the CVBC Bylaw Review Page (  The list of the five sets of Bylaws is on page 2 of A) Bylaw Framework.







    Under #9 – elections

    I think there a typo when talking about Bonny being re-elected. Should it say secretary instead of vice president?


    Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will inform the secretary of the correction.

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