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    Hi there,
    Our centrifuge has broken down and we were looking for a new one. The one that broke is a statspin for the in house Abaxis tubes (1-2ml tubes). I was wondering if anyone knew of a centrifuge that will do these small tubes as well as the larger tubes for send out lab work (5-15ml tubes). Please let me know if anyone knows of one that will do both, or if you have a small centrifuge that you really love for in house labs. Thanks!


    If I remember correctly, Eckermyer or Mc Carthy has a good centrifuge with set dial for speeds to
    spin urine, fecals and blood. The little tubes fit in well without problems. If want ease of removing them, I was placing them in a plain red top blood tube with a little cotton at the bottom to avoid using and instrument to remove from the metal tubes or removing it from the centrifuge itself.


    We bought our small stat spin through idexx when ours broke.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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