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    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Cubex inventory management products ( My boss is at a conference in Chicago and saw it at the trade show. Based on what I see on their website it seems like a pretty good way to manage controlled drugs and the log associated with them. Just hoping to get some insight from someone who has actually used it.


    Heather Shannon

    Riverside Small Animal Hospital in Kamloops has one – if you know of anyone who works there.


    Perfect! I’ll get in touch with Jac!
    Thanks Heather!

    Ashley De Santis

    Boundary Bay Vet Soecialty hospital has one. I do not do the inventory there, but you could ask to speak to the RVT who is involved in it. It seems to be good for helping with maintaining all charges are entered because the medications all go directly into Avon ark once we have them logged out (controlled and non controlled). It has a fingerprint system which makes log in much for efficient. However, from a technician stand point, it sometimes slows things down because you have to wait for your staff member to be done drawing everything up before you can do yours (there is an emergency skip option for emergency situations).

    I think inventory managers will have a different opinion about it than the RVTs using it. 😊

    Hope that helps.



    I work for smart flow (now owned by Idexx) so … That’s my bias!
    Smart Flow works with cubex to solve the exact problem Ashley mentioned about the backlog, waiting for the other folks to get their meds. I like cubex and their support and development teams are great. They work with almost every practice management system, and the security for controlled drugs is nice.
    There are other options (pyxis, one that starts with O whose name I can’t find in my head immediately..) but cubex is the most common I see, and other than the mild ‘waiting for the drug’ frustration, I haven’t heard much in the way of complaints from any mutual customers!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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