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    We hope this new website serves your needs. Please post your feedback here and what else you would like to see.

    Christine Watson
    Executive Director


    This is looking really great!


    Wow!!! It looks great! I’ve been checking out all the options- looks very professional. 🙂 Especially like the Board Member page with the photos and write ups. Job well done!!!


    Looks great!! Much easier to use than the other website 🙂


    I agree it’s much easier to use than the original one. Looks beautiful, too. Thank you for all your work
    put into this!


    Love the new website, especially the membership area where I can update my profile and manage my CE. Excellent work!


    I think the new website is much more professional and user friendly; a big improvement from the other site. Good job!


    I think it is nice and very user friendly. Is there a way to load a picture for our profile?



    This site is great! Thanks for a job well done!


    To Randy,

    I will look into how you upload your profile picture.  If I find out how, I will start a new thread with that title.  If anyone else is interested in figuring it out before me, please feel free to post it in a new thread.



    Christine Watson



    I agree that the new site is much better than the old one, and does look very nice and professional! 🙂


    Great Job!What a great web site!


    Hi Christine,
    The new website looks great and is definitely an improvement over the old one. I do have one comment: I’m not a huge fan of the title of the “How Do I Become” section of the site. The wording there is awkward, grammatically incorrect, and slightly unprofessional — what about “Application Process” or “Becoming an AHT”?
    Otherwise, great job!


    Thanks for your suggestion. I will see if we can get it changed.



    Ditto re the general consensus – looks very nice and professional, WAY more user friendly than the old site and will be really neat if each member can add their photo – good question Randy! Maybe we can do that under ‘profile edit’ although didn’t see it with the first run through – I’ll check again.
    Great work on this project!


    It is over my head with computer lingo  but I checked with the website designers and unfortunately we won’t be able to upload our pictures as this template message board can not be altered to fit our custom database. Great suggestion though.


    I just submitted my first CE credit via the new form, and I have to say, this is awesome!


    Liking this a LOT!! Great look and navigation is easy. I’m having a couple of hiccups where the drop-downs at the top (ie “Members”) will “blip” (don’t know how else to describe it!) several times if I’ve passed my cursor across it. But it’s intermittent and might just be my end. CE submission is great. Nice work folks!


    I really like the new website so far! It will be nice to submit our CE online now, as well as check out employment opportunities and CE offerings. It is much easier to navigate than the old site too. I hope more people will utilise the message boards (including me ;)) and we can get some really good discussions going. The only small complaint I have is that I can access the main home page on my iPhone, but none of the other pages (Employment, Msg Board, CE, etc) come up 🙁 I just get an error message. Is that a problem just with iPhones or all smart phones?

    I’m very grateful to all who have worked so hard on this website, thanks for the great job!


    Thanks Brandy for mentioning the hiccups with the site on the Iphone .  I have taken that request to the designers for them to address it .


    Awesome job on the new site! I just checked out all the sections and everything was very complete and informative. Logging into my online account was super straightforward and I loved how easily I could edit my information. I was skeptical at first about being able to figure out the online CE entry but found it to be a breeze!
    Thanks guys!


    I started putting in my ce courses and the date is stuck on tadays date on three of my credit courses for ce. I also somehow wiped any credits i had before i started putting in my new credits. I do not know what happened or if i can get my previous credits back? Lori Desrosiers


    I just want to say thank you so much for setting up the website to allow us to pay our renewal by pay pal. It has never been so easy. If only everyone would make paying bills so easy! I keep my RVT in California current in case I every move back there and it is such a pain to get a bank draft, address, stamp and send snail mail. Thank you!


    Looking good!
    A suggestion – could a weekly or bi-weekly summary of any discussion board postings go out? I only log on here occasionally and do try to stop by the boards. I’ve noticed that some have no answers and I would bet that our members would answer if they knew the question was there.


    Great suggestion Tracy,  I will see what we can do !

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