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    Hello everyone!

    This is my first time posting on the forums and I’m not sure if it’s ok to ask nonmedical questions, but I’m going to now!

    January 2020 the practice I work at changed ownership, the new owner tried to implement an averaging agreement that stated employees agree to only collect OT after working 80 hours in a 2 week period. No contracts were ever presented to any employee, so nothing was signed or agreed upon. When I confronted the new owner and explained he cannot legally deny us OT pay when working OT with no averaging agreement/contract, he changed his mind, never presented any contracts or averaging agreements, and continued to pay us OT.
    I thought all was well until the first pay period of January 2021 where he AGAIN tried to tell us he was not paying anyone OT unless working over 80 hours in 2 weeks. All employees were under the impression we were still getting paid OT when working those 2 weeks. The clinic manager did speak to him again about requiring contracts etc, so we were paid accordingly (yay).
    I’m hoping someone may have some legal insight or resources I can check out, as I have cut back to only working 4 days a week and will almost never go over the 80 hours, yet am doing a minimum 1 hour of OT every shift.
    At this point I have told management I will NOT be signing any averaging agreements but I’m relatively unaware of what my rights are as an employee.

    Thank you so very much for your time!

    Melanie RVT

    Ps- if any program coordinators or instructors read this I highly recommend having a lawyer come in and discuss what rights we have, as more and more employees are getting taken advantage of in this industry.

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