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    Hello fellow RAHT’s,

    I’m looking to compile some information regarding what RAHT’s are paid for being on call. You can email me directly if you like at: What I’m looking for is:

    Do you receive an on call ‘fee’?
    Do you get this fee regardless if you are called or not?
    Is the fee per call? (ie: if you were called 5 times over a weekend, do you get the fee each time?)
    Do you also get an hourly wage on top of the fee or no fee and just a wage?
    Is the wage regular hourly or overtime?
    If you are comfortable giving the amount of your fees and wages I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Nicole Emery, RAHT


    Hey Nicole,

    So, further to my email…
    I did get a call in fee of $50, if I was called in. I got that fee each time I was called in–but if there were 2 emergencies while I was there, I only got one fee. I also got my hourly wage on top of that (it was likely overtime, but I don’t recall)


    Hi Nicole, I get an on call fee of $25 before 11pm and $50 after 11 pm if I’m actually called into the clinic. I also get my hourly wage at OT rate on top of that. As with Kirsten, I only get the fee once if more than one emerg comes in while I’m there. Hope this is helpful!


    if I get called in (emergency clinic), I get double time. But no one is “on call”. We juts go down the list if we need extra help


    I have been looking into the same on call and call in fees as you Nicole. Is there any information as in a standard or suggested $s from the BC College of Veterinarians perhaps? I have yet to look into this. Right now we have no on call or call in fee just our time, usually time and a half,while we are there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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