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    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our industry and what it offers. The recent publication of the wage survey made me think about longevity. Speaking of salary: I wonder how different types of RVT work (listed below) affects one’s salary. Is there research on that?
    – in practice (general or specialty)
    – in lab
    – sales rep
    – teach at TRU or Douglas or one of the assistant programs
    – practice management
    – etc..

    What I really would like to ask anyone willing to answer is: What has made you stay in the industry? What has made you stay at your current position? What is that position? How long have you been there? What would cause you to make a change to another similar position in the industry? How about to a different position?


    I personally just love the job. I love the technical and hands-on aspects of the whole job, whether it is pulling blood, getting a catheter into a severely dehydrated cat, inducing anaesthetic, or just comforting a distraught animal. I love feeling like I make a difference, I LOVE the continuous learning, I love rubbing c-section babies back into squeaking life. And I love knowing that every day will bring something different, that I will learn something I didn’t know before, and that this will continue throughout my career. I have been bitten, scratched bruised, and soiled by more revolting substances than I care to remember, but I’ve also never loved any job more than this one. I am planning to work toward my anaesthesia specialty starting next year. I am excited about my future, and I am excited about the future of our profession!


    Jennifer, there may be people who haven’t seen the wage survey that you are referring to. Would you please provide a link? Thank you.

    Despite considering career changes, I can’t imagine not being a technologist and spending every day trying to make things better for the animals whose lives I am a part of. Even if it’s only for a few moments.


    Hi Angela,

    I don’t have a link. Christine mentioned it would be on the website home page when she emailed it, but I don’t see it there yet.


    Here is the wage survey. I will also post it under its own heading in the message board.

    2014 BCVTA Survey Results

    Let me know if you have any trouble opening it.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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