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    Hi everyone,

    As there seems to be some concern and misinformation circulating, I wanted to give a history and update on the progress of the CVBC/AHTA of BC Joint Advisory Committee on Certified Technicians (ACCT).

    Back in 2009, the BC Veterinarians Act was opened by the government. They called for public consultation on what should be included in this new Act. The AHTA of BC (I’m going to call us the Association in this report) encouraged all members to submit a prepared statement, and pass the statement along to friends and family to submit. The government heard our voice, and sections concerning ‘Certified Technicians’ were included in the new Act. (Please note: “Certified Technicians’ is the wording used in the Veterinarians Act. This title will be defined in the CVBC Bylaws. For example, the Bylaw may read: A Certified Technician is a graduate of a CVMA-accredited program, eligible for registration with the AHTA of BC)

    Once the public consultation period had ended, the Association was contacted by Government Representatives regarding the new Act. We had the opportunity to have a frank discussion with the Representatives on what we hoped would be included in the Act. We were encouraged to discover that the Act was modeled on the Alberta AAHT as well as the BC Health Professions Act. We were also happy to find out that the Act contained checks and balances that allow the Association to be involved in the creation of CVBC Bylaws that will pertain to the regulation of Certified Technicians (CTs).

    After the Act was passed, the Association contacted the CVBC to begin the process of creating Bylaws that pertain to CTs. An Advisory Committee on Certified Technicians was formed. The committee has met approximately every two months over the past 18 months. The Committee has worked through a task list, adapted from the Alberta AAHT, and ‘assigned’ tasks as those which the committee felt should only be performed by a RAHT. Recently, the Committee reviewed a Discussion Paper that was prepared by the CVBC Policy and Bylaw Counsel. The Counsel was asking for Committee feedback on the sections of the Veterinarians Act that pertain to CTs. This feedback will provide a general framework for what may eventually become the CVBC Bylaws on CTs.

    So, what does this all mean? Why are we doing this? For years, I have been hearing RAHTs asking why Veterinarians can hire people off the street to work as techs. Especially AHTs who come from other provinces, such as Alberta and Manitoba, where there are many tasks that can only be performed by a RAHT. It is because the current CVBC Bylaws, those written under the previous Veterinarians Act, do not regulate AHTs. The Association is working towards CVBC Bylaws that will include those which regulate tasks that must be performed by CTs only.

    There are still many questions that will need to be answered. The CVBC is currently working on writing five sets of Bylaws; those on CTs are fifth on the list. It will take some time before these Bylaws are completed and voted on by both parties (members of the CVBC and members of the AHTA of BC). I will continue to provide updates as progress warrants. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or Christine Watson (

    I am including the link to the CVBC Bylaw Review Page ( The list of the five sets of Bylaws is on page 2 of A) Bylaw Framework.

    Hope to see many of you at the Conference in April!

    Kirsten Wilson, RAHT
    AHTA of BC Liaison to the CVBC

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