Code of Conduct Form

Code of Conduct Form


We are leaders and advocates for Professional Animal Health Care, helping to raise veterinary standards for the protection of the public and the animals of British Columbia.


Gold Standard of Animal Care

Our vision is for every animal care facility in British Columbia to employ a Registered Veterinary Technologist. We partner in the veterinary healthcare industry to empower our members to utilize their training to deliver the gold standard of care.

Strategic Statement

The BCVTA, acting with integrity, serves to educate and advocate for our members, to advance the profession of veterinary technology.

Strategic Pillars

Educate, Advocate and Advance


Purpose of the Code

The code establishes and promotes the highest standards of conduct for the direction, management and administration of the affairs of the BCVTA by members of the Board of Directors, Committees, Task Forces and representatives, volunteers and staff.

Standards of Conduct

In the conduct of the affairs of the association, the following principles and standards will be adopted by the leaders, volunteers and staff of the BCVTA.

1.0       Loyalty and Commitment

Maintain loyalty to the BCVTA and pursue its programs and activities in ways that are consistent with its interests and which advance its mission.

2.0       Legality

Uphold the laws and regulations of Canada and use only legal and ethical means in all association activities.

3.0       Integrity

Serve the BCVTA and its members with fairness, integrity and impartiality and promote the collective good of the veterinary profession and not just one's own field of practice.

4.0       Confidentiality

Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.

5.0       Interpersonal Relationships

Foster an environment where the interaction with and among colleagues, members and staff is conducted always with respect, dignity and professionalism and without any form of discrimination or harassment.

6.0       Conflict of Interests

Undertake all of the activities of the BCVTA for the collective good of the association as well as its members without consideration to private gain and declare any actual, potential or apparent conflict of interests without allowing outside interests to jeopardize one’s professional integrity or independence.

I agree to abide by the British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association

Code of Conduct:

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