Locum Directory

Looking for a Locum? The BCVTA has several RVT members offering locum services. This is a voluntary listing of members with openings for locum placements. The information for each locum listing has been provided and approved by the individual RVT.  To enquire about any of the RVTs listed in the directory, please contact them using their contact information. 

All individuals listed on this page are current members of good standing of the BCVTA. 

Looking for information on becoming a locum?

Locum work is becoming more popular among RVTs as a way to fill vacancies and have more control over things like scheduling and work environment. We are working on a fact sheet to help get you started, so stay tuned! 

If you have additional questions or you would like to be added to the directory, please contact us at executivedirector@bcvta.com

Tiffany Cheung

Contact information:

  • E: tiffanytwcheung@hotmail.com 
  • P: 604.722.3883

**Text or email preferred

Region: Lower Mainland

Species: Will work with all species

Additional Info:

  • Graduated as Valedictorian in 2022 from Douglas College
  • 7 years experience as a Veterinary Assistant
  • Currently full time RVT at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital 
  • Looking to work with a wide variety of species and experiences for future application to veterinary school

Tamara Cox

Business Name: TLC RVT Services

Contact information:

Region: Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Sunshine Coast but willing to go to other regions of BC – happy to discuss the possibilities!  Also Licensed Member of Saskatchewan Vet Tech Association.

Species:  Dogs and Cats, limited experience in general practice with rabbit/birds/pocket pets/reptiles – but excited and comfortable to learn/help where I can!

Additional Info: 

  • Over 33 years of full-time RVT experience in general practice
  • Fear Free Certified
  • BLS Recover Certified
  • Veterinary Cannabis Counselor, VCC
  • 2 years experience as a Practice Manager (not current role)
  • No allergies or restrictions
  • Capable of working as sole RVT if needed. 
  • Possess my own Dosimeter and Liability Insurance

Elizabeth Galary

Contact information:

  • E: egalary@hotmail.com
  • P: 250.299.1523

Region: Prefer to work in Kelowna, but will work in areas around Kelowna such as Lake Country and West Kelowna

Species: Canine and feline preferred, some experience with exotics

Additional Info:

  • Graduated from TRU in 2019
  • 4 Years experience in a small animal clinic in Victoria, BC
  • Fear Free and RECOVER certified
  • Open to learning more about large animal work
  • Particularly interested in anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, and laboratory work
  • Interested in working in a variety of practices including small and mixed animal general practice, exotic practices, and specialty hospitals.
  • Open to working various hours, including 10-12 hour shifts

Hillary Gresdal

Business Name: Hillary Gresdal Locum RVT Services

Contact information:

  • E: hillarygresdal.rvt@gmail.com
  • Website: bclocumvettech.com


  • Local Service Region: Campbell River, Comox Valley
  • Extended Service Regions: Vancouver Island, BC Mainland

Species: Canine, feline in GP and ER (minor), Equine barn calls

Additional Info:

  • Graduated 2015 from Douglas college
  • 10 years clinical experience in GP
  • Extensive experience with canine and feline surgery and anesthesia, including orthopedics
  • Extensive experience with canine and feline dentistry…I love dentistry!!
  • 6 months experience in ER
  • Proficient in Cornerstone, Idexx WebPACS, Metron, Sound HD Dental, IM3 Silent Hurricane

Kim Holbrow

Contact information:

  • E: kimholbrow@gmail.com


Region: Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Regional District preferred, B.C. on request

Species: canine, feline, and pocket pets

Additional Info:

  • 15 years experience in a variety of practices
  • Love for anesthesia and emergency medicine
  • Fear Free Certified
**Available for last minute shifts! 

Marina John

Business name: Van Isle Locum RVT

Contact information:

  • E: vanislelocumrvt@gmail.com
  • Linked in profile: Marina (VanIsleLocumRVT) John


Region: Vancouver Island and Vancouver mainland.

Species: most species, other than guinea pigs as they send me into anaphylactic shock.

Additional Info:

  • 10 years combined experience in swine farrowing, GP, rehabilitation, exotics, ophthalmology, ER, internal medicine, referral & urgent care vet service clinics.
  • 2 years of Veterinary Management experience
  • Additional certification in Fear Free Handling, Hands Free Radiology and Veterinary Acupuncture.  

Julie Kerr

Business name: Julie Kerr RVT

Contact information:

  • E: JulieKerrRVT@gmail.com
  • W: JulieKerrRVT.com
  • Linkedin profile: Julie Kerr RVT
  • Instagram: @juliekerrrvt 


Region: All of B.C. Will travel, flying from the Yukon. 2-4 week contracts preferred.

Species: Small animal

Additional Info:

  • Graduated 2012
  • Experienced in remote general practice
  • Developing ER triage/outpatient experience
  • Excellent soft skills with both colleagues and clients

Dawn Kheiralla

Contact information:

  • E: dawnkheiralla@gmail.com
  • Linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-kheiralla 

Region: Full-time RVT at Little Paws Animal Clinic, Fully booked for 2024

Species: All

Additional Info:

  • Graduated 2023 from Douglas College
  • Currently locuming in the Lower Mainland
  • Fear Free Certified 
  • Particular areas of interest are animal welfare, large animals and exotics.

Coral Shae Kitchen

Contact information:

  • E: shaekitchen@hotmail.com
  • P: 905.933.9915


Region: Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland

Species: All species

Additional Info:

  • Graduated from Seneca College in 2019
  • Currently running my own business providing care for dairy cows
  • Provided RVT services in the veterinary industry for 10 years

Elle McCleave 

Business Name: Mobile Pet Care and Behaviour Consulting By Elle

Contact information:

  • E: e.mccleave@live.ca
  • P: 604-512-2602

*Text or email is preferred

Region: TriCities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody), willing to travel to the surrounding areas within the Lower Mainland

Species: Canine, feline, willing to work with other species, but experienced is limited at this time

Additional Info:

  • Graduated from Douglas College in 2020
  • Currently pursuing VTS (Behaviour)
  • Versatile team member with 10 Years in clinic experience in various roles 
  • Level 3 Fear Free Certified

Justyna Matracki

Contact information:

  • E: matracki.justyna@gmail.com
  • P: 403.831.1120

Region: Preferably North and West Vancouver, willing to travel anywhere in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley 

Species: Canine and feline

Additional Info:

  • Graduated from Olds College in 2011

Wendy Niessen

Contact information:

  • E: wingedbug@gmail.com
  • P: 604-773-8089

Region: Vancouver area

Species: Canine, feline 

Additional Info:

  • Over 20 years experience in the veterinary field. 
  • Vital knowledge and experience in training new technologists and lending support during maternity leave or vacations. 
  • Experience with inventory and equipment maintenance.
  • Well connected with personnel in the pharmaceutical industry.

Veronica Stamm

Contact information:

  • E: veronica.stamm@gmail.com
  • P: 604.299.6146
  • C: 604.345.1461 (text preferred)
  • Linkedin profile: Veronica Stamm

Region: British Columbia

Species: Companion Pets, special interest in AAHA evaluation, equipment maintenance, sanitation, organizing new or established hospitals, mentoring. 

Additional Info:

  • RVT for 45 years
  • Completed advanced courses in dentistry, anesthesia, and pain management
  • Organized four hospitals from construction to inspection

Monica Thomas

Contact information:

  • E: monica.thomas.rvt.vts.ecc@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.monicathomasrvtvts.com/
  • Linkedin profile: Monica Thomas , RVT, VTS (ECC)
  • Facebook: Monica Thomas, RVT, VTS (ECC)
  • Instagram: @vettechmonica


  • Locum work: Greater Vancouver Area
  • Anywhere in BC for consulting, training, and education

Species: Dogs, cats, pigs, and sheep

Additional Info:

  • Graduated 2006
  • Obtained VTS (ECC) 2017
  • RECOVER Certified Instructor
  • Background working at an emergency and specialty referral hospital, as well as a biomedical research facility at an academic institution
  • Passionate in building and strengthening veterinary teams by giving them confidence and competency through teaching and training emergency-related skills and critical care processes
  • Owner of a consulting and education business – reach out for more information!

Shane Valliere

Business name: Island RVT Services

Contact information:

  • E: Shanevalliere13@yahoo.com
  • C: 250.729.1410

Region: Duncan to Courtenay

Species: Small animal, exotics, wildlife, some large animal

  • Graduated from TRU in 2004
  • Experienced in all areas of practice and emergency medicine