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Registered Veterinary Technologist is the protected title for RVTs in British Columbia. You can encourage your RVT team members to use the correct title by using this term when referring to them, including in your advertisements for job opportunities. Please avoid using the term “technician” as this title is not currently protected. 

Additional tips for job postings:

  • To get the best appearance, do not copy and paste bullet points into your ad. The system separates them in a way that reduces readability. 
  • That said, you can copy and paste photos from Microsoft Word or Google Docs to make your post more attractive. The easiest way is to add your image to your document and copy and paste it into your post. 
  • Most ads include details about the job description which are common among opportunities. Providing additional details about your team, area, or hospital culture will help potential employees get an idea about who you are! 

For any additional questions about posting an employment opportunities, contact us at