CE Opportunities


If you have an event that you would like to share, please send a synopsis along with a link or contact information to the Executive Director (moc.liamgnull@draobatvcb) and we can post your event at no charge.
TRU Open Learning offers two “Refresher” Veterinary Technology courses that are designed for students to upgrade their knowledge and skills with the relevant disciplinary. These two courses are mandatory for current VTEC students in both our onsite and open learning programs. The veterinary technology terminology and mathematics courses are also perfect for those individuals who would like to refresh their skills or simply to learn within their interests.
VTEC1001 (OL Course | Self-Paced | 3 Credits) – Veterinary Technology Terminology: Students analyze and define the components of veterinary terms. These skills enable students to determine the meaning of frequently used veterinary terms and to create new terms for specific applications. This course will help prepare students to successfully complete the Veterinary Technology National Examination for Veterinary Technologists. https://www.tru.ca/distance/courses/vtec1001.html
VTEC1011 (OL Course | Self-Paced | 3 Credits) – Veterinary Technology Mathematics: Students will practice principles and techniques of mathematics and statistics that they will encounter in a veterinary practice. The emphasis will be on calculating dosages, intravenous infusions and dilution of solutions. An introduction to statistics is included to facilitate an understanding of quality control procedures. This course will help prepare students to successfully complete the Veterinary Technology National Examination. https://www.tru.ca/distance/courses/vtec1011.html



Jurox is excited to present an update on the safety, versatility, and reliability of alfaxalone as an intravenous anesthetic agent for cats and dogs. This update contains information on the new Alfaxan Multidose and its clinical application.  This program is RACE approved for 1 hour of CEhttps://www.thinkanesthesia.education/on-demand-webinar/2020/06/alfaxalone-an-update-in-the-advancement-of-injectable-anesthesiaPacific Veterinary Sales has created a series of RACE approved CE sessions in a bite-sized format, finish a section on a coffee break, pick it up at lunch and spend 10 minutes learning something new. PVS is providing this quality education to Canada’s veterinary teams, at no charge.https://www.pvseducation.ca/



This webinar is designed to provide veterinary professionals with a better understanding of the causes, presentations, and treatment options in regard to managing acute to chronic GI upset in dogs and cats. Learn why feeding through GI upset is now recommended over the traditional recommendation of fasting, and the move away from antibiotics as treatment for GI upset. Dr. Ian Sandler introduces the products in Grey Wolf’s +GI portfolio and outlines how they are used in each stage of GI upset, and how they can be packaged together as a GI Emergency Kit to reduce unnecessary visits to the clinic and keep everyone safe. Dr. Sandler explains how the +GI products are effective in maximizing clinical outcomes and getting patients back on their paws, sooner.

Quiz: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8M22M27



This webinar is designed to give veterinary professionals a better understanding of wound management in veterinary medicine. Starting with the foundations of wound care, the webinar explores the anatomy of the skin, the physiology of wound healing, the different types of wounds, and the stages of wound healing. Dr. Sandler goes into further detail discussing debridement, managing exudate, dead space and infection, and the importance of providing a moist wound healing environment to maximize clinical outcomes. (1 hour)

Quiz: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6FPKC9L



This webinar is designed to provide veterinary professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of wound healing in veterinary medicine. Dr. Sandler discusses each stage of wound healing from the initial assessment to debridement, management of exudate and dead space, and protection of the wound site. Learn about the Grey Wolf Animal Health advanced veterinary wound-healing portfolio, and which wound dressings are best used during each stage of wound healing. Participants will gain a better understanding of how moist wound healing offers better, faster, and easier wound management. (1 hour)

Quiz: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J3M7ZJ6

Learn how to clean, decontaminate and sterilize medical devices according to standards.

 Online Learning
FREE CE available at: veterinaryeuthanasiaeducation.com/
scil animal care offers CE in Dental Radiology and Positioning, Orthopedics and Ultrasound for various skill levels.Please check out our updated CE schedule here: http://www.scilvet.ca/scil-vet-academy/seminar-schedule/

Register online or call 1-866-382-6937 x 206 for more information.

Royal Canin Canada is very active in providing Continuing Education opportunities to the veterinary community in Canada.

Most recently we launched two e-learning modules:

  1. 3 separate but integrated modules on renal disease (a) diagnosis including IRIS staging (b) principles of nutritional management ( c) case studies to explore prescription of the correct diet to the pet in various stages of kidney decline
  2. Feline Environmental Needs module .

Each of these four modules takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

If you have already enrolled with Royal Canin to participate in the online learning you should have access to these new modules. If you would like to enroll contact your Royal Canin Technical Sales Representative

Thornell is offering a free CE on line course on odor management, not only will the participant get the CE credits but also a no charge odor management kit! http://www.thornell.com/ce/

Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada co-ordinate access to extensive CE online opportunities. To more information, visit : http://www.rvttcanada.ca/education_online.php

On the Floor – https://www.atdove.org/about

Vet Med Team http://www.vetmedteam.com/home.aspx

Veterinary Support Personnel Network    http://www.vspn.org/

University of Guelph On-line CourseVet Technologist On-line CE Courses

McCarthy & Sons Servicewww.smiths-medical-education.com

This is not an online option, but you can arrange to have CE at your office through this website https://www.petsplusus.com/pet-health/social-side-of-practice