Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many CE credits do I need?
2.  How do I submit CE credits?
3.  What happens if I do not have enough CE credits to submit and they are due?
4.  Can I take a leave from membership?
5.  I have let my membership lapse greater than 3 years, what can I do to get re-registered?


1.  In order to maintain registered membership status, members must attend and accumulate 10 credits annually. For new members joining part way through the year, the CE credit period will start May 1st of the following year. Members that submit more than 10 credits can apply up to 10 additional to the next CE earning period. For example, any additional up to a maximum of 10 credits acquired in 2012-2014 can be applied to 2014-2016, but not 2016-2018.

2.  CE can be submitted online in the Members Only section. If you are unable to submit CE online, please contact the office via email at moc.liamgnull@draobatvcb.

3.  If you are expected to submit your CE credits this year and you do not have enough, contact the office as soon as possible via email at moc.liamgnull@draobatvcb.

4.  There is a sustained membership option for members wishing to leave for up to two years based on the Association’s membership year.A few details regarding a sustained membership option:

  • No CE credit submission online is required to be submitted during absence.
  • Status can be sustained for a maximum of two years.
  • May be held a maximum of two times (with at least one year of Active member status in between.)
  • No requirement to rewrite the VTNE.
  • On return to full RVT status, the member must pay a reduced fee on return or show 10 CE credits for each year in sustained membership status.
  • The absence of less than one year will be rounded up to a full year.
  • A member must inform the office of their intention to take a one-year leave prior to leaving.

If you are considering a sustained membership status, please contact the office to discuss individual CE status.

5.  If a member has let their membership lapse for greater than three years, the VTNE will need to be rewritten. VTNE and study guide information can be found in our VTNE information section. Once the exam has been successfully completed, you can apply for full membership status using the New Membership Registration form. If you have any questions, please send your questions to moc.liamgnull@draobatvcb.