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I want to extend a special invite to all of our members; the BCVTA Spring Conference and AGM will be held on April 12th and 13th 2019 at TRU in Kamloops.
For Registration information:

In October 2017, at the general meeting, the BCVTA board was asked what the association was doing to help with retention of RVTs in the field. This prompted the discussion of what British Columbia RVTs are looking for with regards to employment, and how did it balance with what they were currently being offered by employers.

One step to solving this riddle was to send out a survey asking those very questions, attached are the results:

RVT Retention Survey 2017

What do you feel is an appropriate wage

Q8_why people do NOT stay

Q9_why people WANT TO stay

Q11_What are the 3 most important things

Q12_What keeps you at your current place of employment?

Q13_What incentives would you like to see

Q14_What caused your departure…

Join us this October 22nd!
 We welcome Toni Laoutaris RVT, VTS (Anesthesia and Analgesia) and Dr. Jayne Takahashi MBA for a fun and informative day focusing on teamwork and communication, celebrating our strengths and banding together to work through our differences. From emergencies to client communication we are dedicated to our patients and we understand and acknowledge the many paths and challenges faced by RVTs.
 “STAT Triage” – An Updated Approach to CPR
Defying the ‘Old’ Fear that Age is Considered a Disease – Anesthetic Considerations for the Geriatric Patient
Why Don’t We See Eye to Eye? – Recognizing and Understanding Diversity
You Are The Client! – Communication with a client’s perspective in mind
A full day includes Breakfast, Lunch and BCVTA General Meeting, Gifts and Door Prizes!
Come and learn, network and visit with colleagues!